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TonyeTrade founder and principal Tony Arnold lives and breathes baseball cards, sports collectibles, and other memorabilia such as vintage comic books. An eBay Power Seller since 1998, Tony has bought and sold some of the most valuable and sought-after collectibles in the hobby, with standout items including Superman first edition comic books and Babe Ruth rookie cards. In just 10 years, Tony has spent more than $25 million on purchasing vintage baseball cards and sports collectibles. Surprisingly, though, for Tony it isn’t just about money, he is an avid collector of pretty much anything worth collecting!

Some of the most exciting moments in my career haven’t necessarily come when I found extremely rare or valuable items. It’s when I finally locate that must-have item a client requested. It’s often not as valuable as it is a reminder of a special period in their lives. That’s when I realize how much I love this job. Many times I can bring something to an extremely wealthy client and they will have the same reaction as a child at Christmas getting a video game.

—Tony Arnold

The most remarkable thing about Tony’s career with old baseball cards and sports collectibles might not be his success.

It’s the relationships he’s formed, and the reputation he maintains without any advertising or publicity. Solely through word of mouth, Tony has established himself as an authority in the hobby — as well as the definitive source for the best pricing and highest quality. This solid reputation is evident in the hundreds of contacts Tony has curated over the past three decades, as he keeps in close contact with collectors of all types of old baseball cards and other memorabilia who eagerly await his calls.


Tony Arnold has amassed one of the most impressive collections in existence of vintage baseball cards, sports collectibles, and other vintage and rare memorabilia. Whether you’re interested in a purchase or simply curious to see the results of decades in the hobby, please don’t hesitate to check out Tony’s collection.

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