That’s a Wrap: Collect Wax Pack Wrappers

Complete your set with wax wrappers!

Step into the past—just for a moment—and try to explain to an 11-year-old version of yourself why you should be extremely careful opening that 1949 Leaf Football pack, not because of the cards inside but because of the wax wrapper surrounding these cards.

Yes, wax wrapper collecting is a thing and some folks even showed the self-control to carefully save the stick of gum from that 1949 Leaf Football set. This small but growing market is emerging in the sports collectibles industry.

Why do you need wax wrappers?

Wax Pack Wrappers are the final thing you need to complete your set.  These very thin, wax wrappers have an unmistakable feel in your hands and a sincerely nostalgic sensation of touch. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Although PSA and SCG don’t currently offer grading, these wrappers are incredibly rare. They might not technically be necessary for your PSA registry set but they might just be the ticket to one-up your buddy on the same set.

Industry concerns

There have been reports of fakes out there, and that they are very difficult to differentiate from the real deal. These fakes have been known to include creases and folds. One way to tell the difference is the thickness of the paper, the fakes tend to be thicker. We haven’t come in contact with many of these, but you should always seek help from a trusted dealer to make sure you are getting the right collectibles.

Rare Wrappers

Just like cards and comics, wax wrappers are not all created equal. These are not accepted for grading by PSA yet the market is still there and the price will be determined by the overall condition and rarity of item.

Check out these hard to find wrappers:

1955 Topps All-American FootballTopps Football 1 Cent Wrapper1964 Topps Football 5 cent Wrapper 2 versions

It’s a good time to start picking up these incredible wax wrappers, they are extremely hard to find. As you know, hard to find items tend to make for great investments. We know we are enjoying collecting these wrappers.