There is nothing more exciting than collecting.

There might be nothing more exciting than having sports trading cards or an individual baseball card that could be worth a substantial amount. We’re sure you have lots of questions about your items and how TonyeTrade can give you top dollar for them. Please read on to learn the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact TonyeTrade.

Do you buy sports trading cards and memorabilia?

Yes. TonyeTrade purchases all types of sports cards and memorabilia, from the most common pre 1969 baseball card, to rare comic books, to extensive collections of baseball cards.

Are there any items you are looking for in particular?

Yes. You can find the items we currently place a premium upon by taking a look at our Most Wanted List. We also place a high demand on Carmel cards.

How do I contact TonyeTrade?

If you have a baseball card you think might be valuable, we recommend contacting us immediately via the contact form below, or at (513) 616-2224.

Do you buy comic books or other types of collectibles?

Yes. TonyeTrade purchases a broad array of collectibles in addition to sports trading cards, such as rare or vintage comic books and vintage toys.

Is there a limit to the amount you can spend on purchasing a baseball card or collectible?

No. TonyeTrade always pays top dollar, and maintains substantial cash reserves that let us acquire even the most hard-to-find items. Each year, we sell and broker millions of dollars in PSA- and SGC-graded cards.

Do I have to come to your location to sell my sports trading cards or collectibles?

No. Generally, you can ship items to us to evaluate your collectibles since condition is imperitive in calculating a fair price. In certain cases TonyeTrade can come to your location, often the very next day, and then arrange for the packing and shipping of any items you sell.

Can you handle consignment?

Yes. If for some reason an outright sale is not the best option for you, TonyeTrade offers consignment with competitive rates and flexible terms.

Can you market my sports trading cards and memorabilia?

Yes. Over more than three decades, TonyeTrade has established a solid reputation and amassed a database of the highest-paying contacts in the world. We also market and sell items via online sales, shows, eBay, auctions, publications, client lists and many other channels.

How do I learn the value of my sports trading cards or memorabilia?

TonyeTrade offers appraisals. We maintain a reputation for honesty in everything we do, and any price we offer reflects a fair value. However, we’d also be happy to direct you to the appropriate resources for independently determining your item’s value.

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