1985 Transformers Series 2 – Jetfire AFA 75 Q-EX+/NM (Trademark Logo/White Text) Macross Sticker


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1985 Transformers Series 2- Jetfire AFA 75 Q-EX+/NM (Trademark Logo/White Text Early Release Variety) Macross Sticker

Display Box features Jetfire (Autobot Air Guardian), using Takatoku’s Super Valkyrie mecha design from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. Early box variant features Macross sticker logo on left wing and black line bisecting the clear cockpit dome as well as white “Included Battle Armor” text on box that was changed to black in later releases. One of the most desired Series 2 Transformers Toys, this particular Jetfire is one of the first released to market.

Hasbro, ©1984. Trademark logo, which is much rarer than the Registered logo.

Short factory tape as issued; more prone to failure. Both tape seals have since lifted. Right side flap has thin color break along hinge as opened. AFA Qualified. Comes w/AFA Qualified Scale COA verifying completeness. AFA subgrades are as follows – B70 W85 F85.