1969 Topps



Comprised of 664 cards, the 1969 Topps set resembles that of 1968 in design. There is still a rounded interior border, but the speckled border is now solid white; team name is displayed in block lettering along the card’s bottom, while a colored circle sits in the upper left-hand corner with player name and position. Color schemes were also implemented specific to the player’s team. The Kansas City Royals and Montreal Expos, for example, present cards with black text and a pink background. The card backs reverted back to a horizontal orientation and display a peach background. The majority of these cards also present a cartoon and a brief paragraph about the player. Seasonal statistics are also shown; for star players, however, such as Mickey Mantle, the card back is very tight.


1969 Topps Reggie Jackson



Series One: cards 1-109
Series Two: cards 110-218
Series Three: cards 219-327
Series Four: cards 328-425
Series Five: cards 426-512
Series Six: cards 513-588
Series Seven: 589-664



The 1969 Topps set does not differ from the other collections of the era in its inclusion of many subsets. This set consists of the League Leaders (1-12), the World Series Highlights (162-169), and The Sporting News All-Stars (416-435). The World Series Highlights are particularly significant as they document the series played between the St. Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers. The 1969 set also contains the popular rookie cards of Rollie Fingers, Reggie Jackson, Craig Nettles, Bobby Cox, and Bobby Bonds.


1969 Topps Team Cards1969 Topps Sporting News




Because of the many errors and variations, the 1969 Topps set contains a total of 700 cards. As a result, it is highly difficult to complete this set. Of these variations, the majority are associated with letter coloring in the name of the player and have significant value. White lettering on the cards of Gaylord Perry, Willie McCovey, and Mickey Mantle are some of the more popular and worthy variations. There are also condition-related problems in the 1969 Topps set. Several cards have centering issues, while others have blemishes or ink dots from printing. Of these cards, those of Tom Seaver and Lou Brock are among the most difficult to obtain. The 1969 set also contains two inserts: Deckle Edge and Decals. Both are particularly difficult to find in quality condition due to the Decals being used as stickers and the die-cut wedge of the Deckle Edge.




When the 1969 Topps set first came out, it was the biggest in history at 664 cards. It was also widely known for the highly-coveted rookie cards of Mr. October and Rollie Fingers, along with last active card for Mickey Mantle. Its large size combined with these features help in making this Topps set stand out among others.