1968 Topps



In contrast to 1967 Topps, 1968 Topps focuses more on the design rather than the photography. The cards in this set implement a speckled border which takes up a significant portion of the card. The player photograph is also bordered in black and with rounded corners, while the player’s name is displayed at the bottom of the card. In the bottom right-hand corner of each card, there filled circle with the player’s team and position. Cards in the first series can be seen as more speckled, while those in the later series appear more solid. The backs of these cards, however, are more conventional. They are vertically-oriented and have a gold-orange background that displays the player’s seasonal statistics.


1968 Topps Mets Rookie Stars Jerry Koosman Nolan Ryan

1968 Topps Pete Rose1968 Topps Pete Rose Stats




Like most of Topps’ sets, this collection contains the traditional subsets, such as the League Leaders (1-12) along with the World Series Highlights (151-158). This set also presents a subset of The Sporting News All-Stars (361-380), themed combination cards, Rookie Stars, team cards, and checklists. Many of the Rookie Stars, however, include those who eventually made it into the Hall of Fame with those who have little appeal. This can be seen in the pairing of Johnny Bench with Ron Tompkins. On the other hand, the card of rookie, Nolan Ryan displays him next to Jerry Koosman, a top pitcher with a career record of 222-209, making this multi-player card one of the best to be created.


1968 Topps World Series



Series One: cards 1-109
Series Two: cards 110-196
Series Three: cards 197-283
Series Four: cards 284-370
Series Five: cards 371-457
Series Six: cards 458-533
Series Seven: 534-598



In the 598 cards within the 1968 Topps set, there are several different card variants, with most being associated with lettering color in the team name. The white card for Mike McCormick (400) and yellow cards for Ed Brinkman (49) and Casey Cox (66) are worth a considerable amount. There are also error cards that related to checklist updates; these, however, hold no significant value. With the variations taken into account, the 1968 Topps set comes in at a total of 608 cards. There is also one insert in this set that is included in a card game. Every card has a bright player image, reproduced autograph, and a particular play that is associated with the game. On all of the game card backs, there is also a blue design.




Considered to be one of Topps’ worst card sets, the 1968 collection is excellent at disguising any wear or damage. Regardless, the set still contains the star cards of Nolan Ryan and Johnny Bench, along Hall of Famers and other popular rookies, still making it an attractive feat for collectors.