1964 Topps



The cards within the 1964 Topps collection present a colored player photograph either posed or in action. Their team name is in huge lettering printed at the card’s top, making this collection easy to recognize. At the bottom, there is a colored section that contains the player’s name and position. On the backs of these cards colored in orange and cream are player statistics and biographical information; a new element, however, was added to the backs with a trivia question pertaining to the player. The answer is included in a “blank area” where the collector is to rub with a nickel or dime. It was this new feature, however, that caused damage to many of the cards in this collection. Mickey Mantle’s card is the only one that does not contain this asset due to his statistics taking up the entire back.





Series One: cards 1-109
Series Two: cards 110-196
Series Three: cards 197-283
Series Four: cards 284-370
Series Five: cards 371-446
Series Six: cards 447-522
Series Six: cards 523-587




Released in seven series, like the 1963 set, this collection contains several subsets, starting off with the League Leaders (1-12). The World Series Highlights (136-140) document the title series played between the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. This set also features team cards, multi-player cards, All-Stars, Rookie Stars, and checklists. A significant asset to this collection is the “In Memoriam” card in memory of Ken Hubbs. The 1964 set also contains many sought-after rookie cards, such as those of Richie Allen, Tony LaRussa, Tommy John, and Lou Piniella. The 1963 set featured many rookies on multi-player cards, but 1964 Topps provided the first individual player cards for Willie Stargell and Pete Rose. As a result, Stargell and Rose increased in value.


1964 Topps Stand-Up Willie McCovey1964 Topps Bombers Maris Cash Mantle Kaline


The 1964 Topps set has a low number of errors and variations; many of these are simple typographical errors that have no true value. When these sets were first sold, Topps Coins inserts could be found in card packs. These coins were included in wax packs, where one could be found, and cello packs, where two could be found. Of the 164 coins in the collection, 120 are part of the regular series while the remaining are All-Star. Because there are three versions of one All-Star coin, the entire set of coins has a total of 167.