1960 Topps



Similar to the 1959 Topps card set, 1960 Topps contains 572 cards, measuring in at 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”. These cards are formatted in a horizontal orientation and display two images of every player. The 1960 Topps set is a particularly unique and distinctive set in comparison to the rest of Topps’ collections. These cards portray brilliantly vivid colors, with a total of eight separate colors utilized in their production: blue, light blue, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, and light green. On the front of each of these cards, there is a sizable colored photograph on the right-hand side, a small black and white on the left, and player name displayed in different colors on the bottom. On the back, each card portrays player biographical information, stats, and a Topps cartoon. There is also a “highlights” area where significant dates in the player’s preceding year are shown. These card backs were printed in multiple colors in the release of seven series. The majority of these series were printed using one primary color, but one (series 5) was printed on several colors.


1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski




Series One: cards 1-110
Series Two: cards 111-198
Series Three: cards 199-286
Series Four: cards 287-374
Series Five: cards 375-440
Series Six: cards 441-506
Series Seven: cards 507-572



Apart from the conventional cards, 1960 Topps contains many themed subgroups. The set consists of combo cards with a tagline and team checklists. Cards 117-148 are Sport Magazine Rookie Stars, such as Yastrzemski. Along with this, the manager of every MLB team is displayed in cards 212-227, while cards 316-325 present the best first-year players of the last season; this subgroup also contains the card of rookie, Willie McCovey. Other distinct cards are also contained within this set, such as the World Series Highlights, cards 385-391; this subset represents the Los Angeles Dodgers’ victory against the Chicago White Sox in the championship series. Cards 455-470 contain coaching staff, while cards 553-572 includes the All-Star Selection.


1960 Topps Sport Magazine All Star Mantle




Because it is part of the high series, the All-Star Selection cards from Sport Magazine are extremely valuable and difficult to locate; this subset is also particularly high in value due to the big names it contains. The 1960 Topps contains many sought-after rookie cards, including those McCovey, Yastrzemski, and Jim Kaat. Collectors can also locate the rare advertising panels of the 1960 collection. The more valued of these displays a total of eight cards on one sheet.




Sold in penny packs all the way to 29-cent rack packs, 1960 Topps provided consumers with a huge and appealing selection. Topps also produced these cards in two sets, one of Bazooka box cards and another of tattoo wrappers. With its horizontal format, brightly-colored design, and rookie cards of McCovey, Yastrzemski, and Kaat, the 1960 Topps has and will remain a highly prized card set.